Find XML Sitemap Of WordPress Website

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Sitemap is one of the crucial part of your website like your brain gives  direction to body and sent message . Sitemap is basically address of your website it will take your visitor to right place where they intentionally want to land .
  Besides this it also provide way to client so they will go to their destination . Like wise as you can seen in above image where map shows the direction which means you have plan where to go how to reach that place same as in online world when you host your website even you are having quality information which is so much value able for anyone some how if they won’t reach your website so how would he known that the  content he is looking for exist on your website . 
Even Though , if you would tell to user that the content they are looking it is available on his website . You have to register your domain / website into search engine so they can recognise your website , guide to persons who are searching for similar information  follow under following steps :
  1. Complete your entire website with proper content with Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Make sure yourself your all pages , posts , content are informative and ready to host live 
  3. Then install Yoast Seo in your website  .
  4. After installation , go for there tab called Features under this tab you will see XML Sitemap with On and Off slider 
  5. Click on sitemap there is ? mark there just click on it you can seem there would be permalink visible “See the XML sitemap ” click on this it will redirect you So, can easy to see your entire website XML.
  6. It will redirect you to new tab where you can  see all site map of  website .

Steps OF Finding XML Site Map

Is Sitemap Compulsory for Every Website

Henceforth Sitemap is very much important for every website .Because currently if any of the website not having XML site map that means it has not recognise with search engine . Beside this even the website developed with excellent informative material it will not consider to be website . Like if you have to sale your home but you won’t advertise for sale even the house made with expensive marbles it devalue .

because how would some one knows that there is home for sale in same case when website does not register with search engine like Google that mean you won’t exist in the online world so you must register your website in

Search Console ,

Google Analytics ,

Xml site map attached with search console .

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