Easy To Install And Activate WordPress Plugin

Installation WordPress Plugin

Steps that will involve in installation , activation , setup it is easy as you can not think (like piece of cake ) . However , it depends on what plugin will you looking for installation and for what purpose . Mainly , purpose is more important like are various plugins who provides free services . On other hand several plugins giving there services by costing you . Beside the process are same for Install , Setup Plugins .

Further more , You can find plugin option in WordPress Dashboard below i hope you can seen in image with arrows . After clicking on Add new Plugin on the very right side you will seen search bar . In search bar , you can write your desire plugin name so it will show you as seen in above image . This mean if you successfully reach to this step that shows you 80% cover how to install . Now the next step would be Click on Install it will take few seconds either it depend on your speed .

Lastly , Now after Installation it show you Activate then click on it Activation . That means your plugin has been installed . Here after , you can configure your plugin according to your need .

we provides you an example of Activate how would you clicked on it .

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