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Boston Terrier History

The Boston Terrier is known to be the descendent of pit fighting dogs which were bull and terrier types. The Boston Terrier first weighed up to 44 pounds. These dogs that we see today as little dapper was once fighting in a pit. The Boston Terrier was breed first here in the USA, in Boston. They were also classified into three weight groups, light-weight, middle-weight, and heavy-weight.

The first Bostons were a cross between the English Bulldog and the English White Terrier which no longer exists. In 1865, one of these crosses resulted in a dog named Hooper’s Judge. This dog weighed around 30 pounds. This male was then bred with a smaller female and their offspring then bred together with a French Bulldog. This litter that was created was what we know now to be the Boston Terrier. Around 1889 the Boston terrier was becoming very popular and was named as the “Boston” terrier because of the place where the breed was first recognized and loved. The Boston Terrier was then recognized by the AKC in 1893.

Boston Terriers’ Appearance

The Boston Terrier is known as a small dog breed that is very compact and muscular in form. The Boston Bull as some call the breed has a face that is unmistakable. They have short wide muzzles with large dark eyes that sit far apart. Their small ears stand up and they have a flat head without any wrinkles. They are known for their short coat colorings which can vary from brindle and white or black and white.

Boston Terrier’s Temperament

The Boston Terrier was once bred to be a fighting dog but you would never know that to be true today. Today, Boston has been bred to be less aggressive and more of a family dog. The breed is known to be gentle, alert and always ready to play. They are known for their well-mannered ways and outgoing personality.

Boston Terriers are quick to learn, so training a Boston is very easy. They pick up things quickly and are great watchdogs. They tend to bark when necessary, such as to alert the owner of danger or a stranger. Bostons are known to be great with children and the elderly as well. They love to feel like part of the family and are very popular in the United States because of these traits. They fare well with other dogs and will usually not become aggressive.

Boston Terrier’s Role

The Boston Terrier plays the role of the companion and family pet very well. The breed is perfect for adults and children alike and is not aggressive. Bostons love to play and are very intelligent so they catch on to what you want from them very quickly. This makes Boston very easy to train. This breed would make a wonderful addition to any home!

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